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Maximal 1.6T Rear Drive 3-wheel Electric Forklift--------News letter Dec.,2015

Post Time:2015-12-20

Maximal 1.6T Rear Drive 3-wheel Electric Forklift

Maximal 1.6T rear drive 3-wheel electric forklift has been officially launched to the market in Dec. 

Here below are the main components and advantages:

1- It adopts ZAPI AC drive motor, with controller being horizontally located in the counter balance weight.

2- Battery capacity 48V425AH.

3- With smaller steering wheel.

4- Almost keep the same appearance with front drive 3-wheel electric forklift.

For more details and orders, please contact with our relevant salesman.

Maximal New Video Has Been Completed

Maximal new video has been completed, this video interpret perfect about our Maximal, this is a nice way to let more friends to know us well. For more information on the video, kindly refer our website here @ . 

Christmas and New Year is on the way coming nearer and nearer. We would like to extend our warmest wishes for 2016.Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Storage Forklifts Information

Below are the Maximal storage forklifts to 20th Dec. for your reference.

(Note: storage forklifts information below is updated monthly while the stork information is changing time to time, so the real-time stock information subjects to sales men’s feedback.)

Chinese Forklift Truck Export Order Statistics Reference.

(Jan to Nov. of 2015)

If you need different country order data, please feel free to contact us. 

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