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EU IV standard engine will be to the market--------News letter Feb.,2016

Post Time:2016-02-23
Maximal Monthly News 
Issue #1602–Feb., 2016

EU IV standard engine will be to the market
At the beginning of Chinese Lunar year, Maximal get down to assembling the EU IV standard engine for their forklift truck according to the European market request. Considering current products series, 1.8-3.5T rough terrain forklift will be equipped with YANMAR EU IV engine, while 5-7T diesel forklifts and 4-5T rough terrain forklift with DEUTZ engine. These new models are planning to be launched to the market with a test after completion in the next half year. 
Any news and information, we will update in the first time. Or you can contact with our regional sales. Let’s looking forward to the new members!

Maximal will attend the Indonesia Exhibition 2016
Maximal will attend the 2nd Indonesia International Forklift, Equipment & Parts Exhibition 2016. 
Time: March 29th- Apr. 1st,2016
Booth: OP 2-02
Welcome to visit us!

Storage Forklifts Information
Below are the Maximal storage forklifts to 20th Feb. for your reference.
(Note: storage forklifts information below is updated monthly while the stork information is changing time to time, so the real-time stock information subjects to sales men’s feedback.)

Chinese Forklift Truck Export Order Statistics Reference
(Jan. to Jan. of 2016)
If you need different country order data, please feel free to contact us. 

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