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The M series is the first generation forklifts, designed by the MAXIMAL engineering team. A world class design features advanced technologies and superior componentry as produced by competitive vendors the world over. The finished appearance with safety color design has attracted an audience in local and the world markets.

Intelligent by Design

The incorporation of a CAN-Bus system allows for a seamless connection of the vehicle Control Module (VMC) and Engine Control Module (ECM). This allows immediate exchange and accessibility to all data. Additional benefits include a significant reduction in wiring as well as increased functionality over conventional systems. The CAN-Bus system also delivers excellent reliability and full diagnosis capabilities, simplifying the servicing of the truck.

Power & Performance

Maximal 14-32t / 30,000-70,000 LB capacity forklift range is available with Cummins Diesel engine meeting a world standard Tier 3 NRMM emissions legislation: 


12-20t / 26,000-44,000 LB capacity forklift 20-32t / 30,000 / 70,000 LB capacity forklift
Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine features: Cummins QSC 8.3 diesel engine features:
› 6-cylinder in-line, 6.7 liter displacementCharge-air cooling w/waste gate controlled turbocharger › 6-cylinder in-line , 6.7 liter displacement Charge-air cooling w/ waste gate controlled turbocharger
›Max 142 kW (192 Hp) output at 2300 rpm,offering extra durability for long periods of peak performance. ›Max 176 kW (238 Hp) output at 2500 rpm, offering extra durability for long periods of peak performance.
Smooth torque of 930 Nm / LB FT at 1500 rpm
provides excellent acceleration for maximum power
Smooth torque of 1085 Nm / LB FT at 1500 rpm
provides excellent acceleration for maximum

› Engine protection system, sensing low oil pressure and high coolant temperature monitors the engine performance and shuts down the engine prior to a possible failure.

An override function for emergency situations is a standard feature.

Improved Fuel Economy

Minimize Tier 3 requirements

Program to Lower Rated Speeds to offset fuel consumption

Alternate Governor and Torque settings

Maintain fuel economy with HPCR ECM system compared to mechanical system

World Class Efficient ZF Transmission

ZF transmission from Germany in Maximal 14-32t/30,000-70,000 LB capacity heavy duty forklift trucks

ZF transmissions offer these features:

› Fully reversible power shift control

› 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds

› Positive speed engagement

› Reduction of operating costs

› Lower operating noise

› Customer orientated serviceability

› Applicable for electronic driveline management and inching

Lower Maintenance Drive Axle & Brakes

›German KESSLER drive Axle provides excellent lateral stability and long-term durability.

Full floating axle shafts and hub planetary final drives reduce axle windup to deliver higher torque to the drive wheels allowing greater tractive effort and performance.

›Multi-plate wet disc braking system supplied by American MICO Corp. offers more effective and reliable braking.

Superior visibility

The Cab also contributes to providing the driver with panoramic 360 Degree visibility, featuring:

› Large curved front window, fitted with tinted safety glass provides better visibility.

› Curved rear window with one-piece glass.

› Minimum use of steel parts, providing the maximum possible glazed area.

› Wide-view rear view mirrors are mounted inside the cab stay cleaner and are protected from damage.

› The dash and display panel is mounted to the right hand side of the driver, so visibility through the windshield is unobstructed.

› Excellent rearwards visibility is enhanced with the sloping design of the hood and counterweight.

› A clear view to the front load and surrounding area is optimized through the Maximal wide view mast.

Maintenance Intervals Doubled and Efficient Diagnostic program

› Cummins Tier 3 Scheduled Maintenance

500 hours/6 month intervals for charge air cooled; same schedule for coolant changes; Dual Stage fuel filtration to improve particle separation, filter life and protect vital fuel system components.

› Equipped as standard with either a manual or power hydraulic tilting cab, to ensure easy access to major components for inspection and service.

› Low side steps and large grab handles, providing operators safe and easy access to the operators cab.

Technicians can use side steps for daily inspections and maintenance.

› Uniform placement of electrical and hydraulic tubing and hoses.

› Centralized diagnostics in the operator cab

› ‘CAN bus’ receptacle in the operator cab, for engine, transmission, hydraulics and instruments monitor panel.

› LCD display with diagnostics for engine, transmission and electrical systems to quickly identify service needs.

› Standard oil-immersed (wet) multi-plate disk brakes are virtually maintenance free.

Green & Clean

Euro III / EPA: Diesel engines that incorporate Japanese and American advanced engine technologies feature excellent environmental performance and conform to the world latest EPA Tier3 and EU Stage IIIA emission regulations.


Optional Equipment

› Specific masts 3M/118" MFH to 6M/240" MFH Simplex mast

>Side shift/Fork position carriages with shaft type forks

› Solid Pneumatic size tires

› Air conditioning

› Rear camera surveillance system

› Special RAL colors

› Various attachments

>Contact your MAXIMAL dealer in your area for additional details.


Forklift Specification

M series28.0-32.0t diesel forklift
General 1 Model   FD280T-MWT3 FD300T-MWT3 FD320T-MWT3
2 Power Type   Diesel
3 Rated Capacity kg 28000 30000 32000
4 Load Centre mm 1220
Characteristic&Dimension 5 Lift height mm 4000
6 Mast tilt angle F/R Deg 6°/12°
7 Fork L×W×T mm 2440×300×110 2440×320×110 2440×320×110
8 Regulating range mm 1500-3120
9 Max. side shifter mm 810(±405)
10 Front overhang (Wheel center to fork face) mm 1260 1260
11 Rear Overhang mm 1260 1260
12 Ground clearance(Bottom of mast) mm 300
13 Overall demensions Overall length(include forks) mm 9740
14 Overall width mm 3420
15 Overall height Driver's cab mm 3800
16 Mast mm 4390
17 Mast extended height mm 6270
18 Min. turning radius (outside) mm 6800
19 Types Front   16.00-25-32PR 16.00-25-32PR 16.00-25-36PR
20 Rear   16.00-25-32PR 16.00-25-32PR 16.00-25-36PR
21 Tread Front mm 2490
22 Rear mm 2470
23 Wheelbase mm 4800
Performance 24 Speed Travel (Unladen) km/h 26
25 Lifting (Laden) mm/s 270 260
26 Lowering (Laden) mm/s 310
27 Max.Drawbar pull (Laden) KN 250
28 Max.Gradeability (Laden) % 20
Weight 29 Self weight kg 41500 42000 42800
30 Weight Distribution  Laden Front   Axle kg 63700 66750 70300
31 Rear Axle kg5300 5750 5700
32 Unladen Front   Axle kg 21000 21000 21500
33 Rear Axle kg 2000021500 22500
Power&Transmission 34 Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 2×12/120
35 Engine Model   QSC8.3-C260
36 Manufacture   Cummins
37 Rated output/r.p.m. kw 194/2200
38 Rated torque/r.p.m. N·m 1180/1500
39 No.of cylinder   6
40 Bore×Stroke mm 117×135
41 Displacement L 8.3
42 Fuel tank capacity L 250
43 Transmission Manufacturer   ZF
44 Type   3WG211
45 Stage F/R   3/3
46 Drive axle Manufacturer   KESSLER
47 Service brake   Wet Multi-disk Brake
48 Parking brake    Caliper disc brake
49 Operating pressure (For attachments)  Mpa 21

Mast Specification

M series 28-32t mast
Model Max. fork height(mm) Mast height(mm) Load center Tilt range (FWD/BWD) Capacity(Kg) Mast weight(Kg)
FD280T FD300T FD320T FD280T FD300T FD320T FD280T FD300T FD320T
M350 3500 4140 1220 1220 1220 6°/12° 28000 30000 32000 40800 42300 43800
M400 4000 4390 1220 1220 1220 6°/12° 28000 30000 32000 41000 42500 44000
M450 4500 4640 1220 1220 1220 6°/12° 28000 30000 32000 41600 43100 44600
M500 5000 4940 1220 1220 1220 6°/6° 26500 28500 30500 41850 43350 44850
M550 5500 5190 1220 1220 1220 6°/6° 25500 27500 29500 42065 43565 45065
M600 6000 5490 1220 1220 1220 3°/6° 24000 26000 28000 42300 43800 45300

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