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45T Reach Stacker

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45T Reach Stacker

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Product Feature

1. Adopt advanced Parker electric controlling system, man-machine intelligence display, easily maintenance and low breakdown rate.

2.  The intelligent Can-Bus system is reliable and stable, with immediate response, and large data information. Also this CAN-Bus system delivers full diagnosis capabilities, simplifying the servicing of the truck with anti-interference.

3. Parker hydraulic brand from America for hydraulic system parts, which is impact      resistant and low noise.

4. XU GONG cylinder, domestic brand with reliable quality and stable performance.

5. Parker valve, with impact resistant, stable and reliable performance.

6. Equipped with tilting cab and hood, to ensure easy access to major components for inspection and service. Also this makes the wide and clear view, with little noisy inside.

7. Rear camera surveillance system make it much safe and high efficiency.

8. Equipped with high-capacity fire extinguisher.


DANA HR36000 transmission

Hydraulic torque converter + Gear box

Gear shifting front/rear: 3/3

Forward & reverse gear: AMT,CVT

Little maintenance cost, low breakdown rate and quick service.


Sweden Spreader ELME817

Rotation angle:+105/-195°

Sidesway: ±800mm

Extension: 20’~40’

Safety, high efficiency, reliable performance

Max. Load: ≧45000KG


German KESSLER drive Axle D102p1341,which provides excellent lateral stability and long-term durability. Equipped with several sealed, wet disc brakes and central pliers disc brake, which is maintenance free. This axle have great load capacity, high strength, safe and reliable braking.


Forklift Specification

Model   CRS4532
Lifting 1 Stacked Levels Row 1-2-3 Type of Container Unit Lifting Capacity
2 4x First row 9'6" ton-m 45-2.0
3 5x ton-m 43-2.0
4 6x 8'6" ton-m -
5 3x Second row 9'6" ton-m 32-3.85
6 4x ton-m 32-3.85
7 2x Third row 9'6" ton-m 15-6.35
8 3x ton-m 15-6.35
9 Max. Lifting Height m 15.2
performance 10 Speed Lifting Speed(Unladen/Laden)  mm/sec 420/250
11 Lowering Speed(Unladen/Laden)  mm/sec 360/360
12 Forward travel speed(Unladen/Laden)  km/h 25/21
13 Backward travel speed(Unladen/Laden)  km/h 25/21
14 Traction(Laden) kN 300-2km/h
15 Outside turning radius mm 8000
Weight 16 Self weight(Unladen) kg 72
17 Weight Distribution Laden Front axle  kg 103
18 Rear axle kg 14
19 Unladen Front axle  kg 37
20 Rear axle kg 35
Stability 21 Front stability Forward stability. 40T First row 1.875
22 Forward stability. 25T Second row 1.806
  23 Tyre Front wheel in 18.00x25/PR40 
24 Rear wheel in 18.00x25/PR40 
25 Wheelbase mm 6000
26 Length mm 11250
27 Front wheel track mm 3030
28 Rear wheel track mm 2760
29 Hydraulic system Load sense system   New second generation system
30 Variable displacement piston pump (new)   New second generation system
31 Cooling/filter system   With/with
32 High flow main valve (new)   M402
33 Cylinder volume Hydraulic oil L 700
34 Diesel L 600
35 Electric system Type/voltage V CanBus/24V
36 Overload system stand Electronic control
37 Color/graphics display   6.5" color display
38 Electronic/ proportion(tonnage/percentage)   With/with
39 System integrity   comprehensive
40 Cab Type (new)   Best in China
41 Cooling/heating (new)   Electronic control
42 Size   big
43 Step/handrail   With/two sides
44 Front step/handrail   With/fender
45 Cab forward shift   Yes
46 Travel with door open   Yes
47 Boom angle Min./Max. deg 0/60
48 Basic design   4 sides box type
49 Chassis Basic design   4 sides box type
50 View Front,Top,Side,Back   Good
51 Noise level Cab interior (Leq) dBA 70

Mast Specification

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