Company Memorabilia

June 2018——Hyster-Yale and Maximal officially completed its acquisition, Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Co.,Ltd. renamed to Hyster-Yale Maximal Forklift(Zhejiang) Co., Ltd, began a new start.

July 2018——3.5-4.5T Side-loader forklift was lanuched; Electric forklift with lithium battery started to be developed; 1.6-2.5T A series Reach truck was launched.

Oct. 2016——1.8-3.5T 4WD Hydraulic rough terrain forklift was successfully launched.

July 2016——Maximal won the Chinese well-known trademark.

May 2015——Maximal 3.5T 4WD Rough Terrain forklift is successfully developed, and will be launched to the market soon.


Aug. 2014——Maximal 2WD Rough Terrain forklift are extended to 4.0/5.0T.


June 2014—— Maximal electric stackers & pallet trucks are put into market.


Dec,2014——No.3 workshop and new administrative building are put into use, it means Maximal phase II project is finished.


July 2013——Maximal Empty Container Handler is officially R&D.


May 2013——Maximal 2WD 2.5/3.5T Rough Terrain forklift are launched to the market and gain great success.


Feb. 2012——Maximal phase II No.1 and No.2 workshop are put into use, covers an area of 100 mu, workshops construction area of 40000.


Aug. 2012——Maximal new A series forklift was successfully R&D.


2012——Maximal sales breakthrough 6500 units, sales amount RMB 500 million. In this year, Maximal entered top 10 in Chinese forklifts sales rank list, and also the first time became the top 20 in global forklift supplier rank list.


2012—— Maximal is honored as “state-level high-tech enterprise”.


Nov. 2010——The first 4.5T electric forklift and 25.0T heavy duty forklift were displayed on Shanghai CeMAT.


May 2009——Maximal is preparing the R&D of 16.0-18.0T diesel forklift. Besides, Maximal on-line after-sales service system is put into operation this month.


Mar. 2009——4.0T&5.0T and 8.0-10.0T diesel forklift were launched to enrich M Series.


Apr. 2008——Maximal attended NA08 and CeMAT fair. It was a good chance for Maximal to show the products to more potential clients.


Feb. 2008—— Phase II expansion project was started with an investment of 370 million yuan. When accomplished, the floor area was increased to 86,700 square meters.


Jan. 2008——Structure of electric forklift was further optimized. For 4-wheel, there were Curtis DC system, ZAPI AC system and Danaher AC system as option. For 3-wheel, ZAPI or Danaher AC system is available.


Nov. 2007——1.0-3.0T 4-wheel electric forklift was updated to AC system. 1.0-1.8T IC forklift, 5.0-7.0T diesel forklift and 1.0-2.0T reach truck were developed. Meanwhile, more imported engines and cabin were available for the customers. In addition, 190 million RMB invested for phase I project of the new factory, with an area of 133,500 square meters and a floor area of 19,000 square meters. Structure of electric forklift was further optimized.


Oct. 2006——2.0-3.5T IC forklift, 1.0-3.0T 4-wheel electric forklift with DC system & 1.3-2.0T 3-wheel electric forklift with AC system were displayed at the 100th Canton fair. These products were the first generation of M series. They were very popular at the fair.


Dec. 2005——Sino-American Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Co., Ltd was officially established. Sales in domestic market began.

Add:No.1 Jinxin Road, Lushan Industrial Area, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China.
Sales Tel: 0086-571-28205156 0086-571-28037691
Sales Tel: 0086-571-28205156 0086-571-28037691
Sales Tel:0086-571-28195513 0086-571-28037691

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