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HYM New Counterweight (CWT) Painting Production Line Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Post Time:2022-08-05

At 10:58 AM on Aug. 1, 2022, HYM New Counterweight Painting Production Line Ribbon-cutting Ceremony with an annual output of 30,000 sets was grandly launched in Fuyang, Hangzhou. Vice President, Manufacturing Patrick THANG cut a piece of ribbon and delivered an opening speech. Production Director SHENG Huaqun also cut a piece of ribbon with Patrick. Quality Director Fred ZHOU, Purchasing Director Seer CHEN, Facilities & EHS Director Felix LU, HYM other Dept. managers and CUC Project Manager also attended the ceremony.

Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Vice President, Manufacturing Patrick THANG delivered an opening speech to affirm the achievement of the project while also put forward some expectations about the future, With the gun salute, HYM New CWT Painting Production Line Ribbon-cutting Ceremony began, as the unload button start, all participants watched the first counterweight rolling out slowly from cooling station, smoothly parking in the unload area of lift platform, operator dropped it on tooling support, Patrick THANG tied the big red flower on the first counterweight, as the transfer forklift steadily turned first counterweight away from the unload station, there was a warm and lasting applause celebrating the ribbon-cutting ceremony with complete success.

HYM new CWT painting production line is a key project approved by HYG in 2020. The plan was finalized on Aug. 6, 2021, and the construction was started on Sep. 28, 2021, and the production was delivered on Jul. 27, 2022. 

With the production of HYM new counterweight painting production line, it will also take on the mission of reducing VOCs and increasing production capacity:

1. The new line makes the goal of counterweight painting production capacity increase from 15,000 to 30,000 units possibly;

2. The whole line is designed according to the waterborne coating technology standard, coupled with automatic adsorption, desorption of exhaust gas catalytic combustion equipment, make the new painting production line more green and environmental protection;

3. The air conditioning system equipped with 6 wind-cooled machine units provides constant temperature and humidity ventilation for each station, the working environment has been greatly improved;

4. The new 2KE paint automatic delivery system will increase the utilization ratio of paint by nearly 30% than before, painting quality is more controllable;

5. Double loop suspension circulation mode makes production more mobile, flexible, easy to operate on site.

In the next period of time, HYM new counterweight painting production line will gradually take over the function as planned, laying a solid foundation for the strategic target of 30000 units per year.

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