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Maximal dealer campaign——News letter July.,2022

Post Time:2022-07-21

On July 14th, Maximal dealer in San Paulo, Brazil held an open house day for clients. Various products were exhibited including A series diesel forklift, M series rough terrain forklift, lithium battery pallet truck, etc. Clients were encouraged to drive and test the trucks on site. The excellent performance of Maximal products left deep impression to clients and were spoken highly of.

A live band was lined up for this event. It was a joyful and fruitful day for the dealer and also clients. 

Clients have expressed appreciation for providing the equipment on a full service maintenance contract and rapid response support to meet their specific application requirements.

For more information about Maximal, please contact local dealers.

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Sales Tel: 0086-571-28205156 0086-571-28037691
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